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Every client has a personalized experienced during setup with our highly trained onboarding team. Our support team schedules video conference calls at a time that is convenient for you. Our Amazon automation services cover many items to help expedite process such as:

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How Our Amazon Automation Services Can Help You

Wholesale Pricing & Restricted Brands

Less competition and better margins for popular products people are searching for. Rather than selling all the same brands that everyone else is, we take a different approach. At Smart FBA, we get our clients access to sell major special unrestricted brands as well as restricted brand names. You need approval to sell many major brand names on Amazon. This results in substantially less competition and generally better profit margins.

Risk Management

We do not dropship using Walmart as a supplier, because this is a violation of Amazon Dropshipping Policy and is considered a violation due to retail arbitrage. Many Amazon automation providers rely solely on Walmart and put their clients through major risk of account deactivation. The Amazon FBA Business generally produces much better performance metrics such as Order Defective Rates (ODR) and Tracking Rates and Customer Feedback.

100% FBA

It's quite known across the industry that an Amazon FBA Business is generally a much better alternative to drop shipping on Amazon. In an Amazon FBA Business, everything is sent over to the Amazon Warehouse and sent by Amazon, directly to the customer. Amazon FBA generally provides better results in terms of better shipment tracking, improved customer delivery times and provides higher customer feedback ratings.

Monthly Reporting

Our results include an inventory report, sales report, cumulation report, and we even track your profit by brand. We are transparent with our clients and want them to know how much they're profiting. Once your sales manifest is complete, it is used to in conjunction to help generate the other reports. Once completed, these reports provide valuable insight into your Amazon store's performance.

Our Packages

What's Best For Your Store


Entry Package for Clients looking to grow a new Amazon FBA Store
$ 15,000
  • Wholesale Pricing
  • $5,000 Annual Renewal
  • Online Support Access
  • Profit Sharing 60/40 (You/Us)


Mid-Tier bundle for those wanting to scale their stores sizeably
$ 25,000
  • Wholesale Pricing
  • $5,000 Annual Renewal
  • 3 Restricted Brand Approvals
  • Profit Sharing 70/30 (You/Us)


All in bundle for those looking to take their stores to the top
$ 40,000
  • Wholesale Pricing
  • $2,500 Annual Renewal
  • 10 Restricted Approvals
  • Profit Sharing 75/25 (You/Us)
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