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Amazon Dropshipping: Your Business's Key to Success

Dropshipping is one of the greatest ways to leverage Amazon to make what is essentially passive income. With the drive to develop more and more diverse and resilient income streams, the Amazon dropshipping program is one of the leading ways that people are using e-commerce to grow their businesses and create more revenue. There are many other ways that Amazon can be used to create income, but dropshipping requires its category because the activity and business operation can be so complex and diverse. 


When you integrate Amazon’s automation capabilities, it becomes even more potentially powerful. Not only do you eliminate the need for any physical brick-and-mortar store, but you also remove the requirement to buy, supply, or ship and take inventory yourself, and make your business incredibly resilient since you don’t need to remain married to one particular product.

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What Is Amazon Automation Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a type of business model that helps provide a bridge between customers who want to buy a product, and the manufacturers or suppliers of that product, but in an e-commerce capacity. This means that if you are dropshipping, you are essentially selling the products or services of a third party, in many cases negating the need for any inventory or warehousing space.

Automated Amazon dropshipping simply means providing an Amazon storefront where products are advertised, and when the products are purchased they are fulfilled by the third party. All that you need to do is have the website with listings that potential customers can browse through, and when an order is placed, inventory is purchased, packed, and shipped from another supplier. This relieves the drop shipper from any physical handling of the sale or its merchandise. The basic process of dropshipping looks like this:

  • Seller & drop shipper agree on terms
  • Customer orders from seller
  • Seller receives the order
  • Order is confirmed with the customer
  • The seller forwards the order to the drop shipper
  • The drop shipper then ships the order to the customer
  • The customer receives their product
  • Seller pays drop shipper per the terms they previously agreed on

One of the biggest catches to Amazon dropshipping automation is that it does require an initial investment, both financially as well as your time and resourcefulness. Once you get over the initial hump, however, many Amazon dropshipping automation operations can create significant revenue for the business running them.

Eventually, if your dropshipping does well, you’ll be able to have an Amazon automation service provider manage your shops for you. This then puts them at the helm of actual store setup, management, operation, and maintenance, and simply sends you, the owner, your share of the profits. This even further removes you from having to deal with any of the stress of actually operating the store, allowing you to focus on creating new business ventures.

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Benefits Of Automated Amazon Dropshipping

While there are countless benefits not only to dropshipping but also to leveraging Amazon to facilitate ordering and fulfillment, these are the most common. The major upsides of Amazon automation dropshipping include:

  • Incredibly small startup cost when compared to a brick-and-mortar retail location means its a great entrepreneurial venture
  • There is no need for physical presence anywhere, so you can work remotely from anywhere in the world
  • Not having inventory relieves you of the liabilities and costs of maintaining that inventory
  • Low overall business overhead cost, including lack of warehousing and shipping costs
  • Multi-channel selling is possible under certain circumstances, meaning you can sell on Amazon, social networks, and more
  • Since you are leveraging larger suppliers or manufacturers, your business becomes instantly scalable; don’t worry about keeping up with demand if a product suddenly goes viral
Our Process

Our Proven 3 Step Success Formula


Purchase Wholesale Merchandise

We buy millions of dollars of high quality big-brand name merchandise directly from manufactures and big box retailers. We pass on an amazing (wholesale price) to you. We own our warehouse and fulfill your manifest in blazing speed. We carry many big brand names that the vast majority of sellers struggle to acquire.


We Ship to Amazon and Manage Your Store

We Move Fast! As your order is being fulfilled at the warehouse, the upload team is optimizing your listings simultaneously.

1) We inspect, pack, prep, polybag, fold and ship to Amazon.
2) We upload each individual item.
3) We optimize each listing.

We Do the Heavy Lifting!


Amazon Ships to Customer and You Get Paid

When a customer makes an order on Amazon from your store via Amazon FBA, the item is delivered to the customer. Amazon professional sellers generally get paid by Amazon every two weeks. Each payment includes 14 days of orders that were successfully delivered seven days ago.

Limited Monthly Spots Available

Understanding Dropshipping

Why Is Amazon Automated Dropshipping So Popular?

Dropshippers use low-cost platforms to sell products created or supplied by other brands. These platforms will be very focused on sales, so not every owner of a page selling an item owns that item. Resellers are the parties that are responsible for physically handling the inventory, housing it, insuring it, and subsequently packing and shipping it to a buyer. 


This is one of the biggest reasons that drop shipping can be very lucrative on Amazon. While there is still plenty of space for new drop shipping businesses, the products that you sell need to be considered and chosen incredibly carefully. This isn’t new, however, and no company can survive while selling low-quality items when better ones are available on the same page of search results. 


The products should also be timely and in high demand. When Netflix released their series Queen’s Gambit, data showed sales of chess sets spiked by more than 200%. One of the reasons that dropshipping is sometimes seen as a scam is that many drop shippers give no thought to their product offering, see no sales, and end up losing money. 


One of the biggest factors in having an Amazon automated dropshipping store find success is working with Amazon automation and dropshipping experts and management services. These services will not only source your products, but they will manage your entire store around proven strategies that they already use.

Amazon FBA Wholesale Supplier

Limited Monthly Spots Available


Entry Package for Clients looking to grow a new Amazon FBA Store
$ 10,000
  • Wholesale Pricing
  • $5,000 Annual Renewal
  • Online Support Access
  • Profit Sharing 50/50 (You/Us)


Mid-Tier bundle for those wanting to scale their stores sizeably
$ 25,000
  • Wholesale Pricing
  • $5,000 Annual Renewal
  • 3 Restricted Brand Approvals
  • Profit Sharing 70/30 (You/Us)


All in bundle for those looking to take their stores to the top
$ 40,000
  • Wholesale Pricing
  • $2,500 Annual Renewal
  • 10 Restricted Brand Approvals
  • Profit Sharing 85/15 (You/Us)
What to Expect

Are There Any Drawbacks To Amazon Automated Dropshipping?

Some factors are often cited as drawbacks to the dropshipping model, however, with the proper care and research, most can be easily avoided. Here are commonly cited potential drawbacks, and what you may be able to do to mitigate them or reduce their impact.

  • Dropshipping can be highly competitive since there is a comparatively low initial cost to invest, but by using proven marketing methods that an Amazon FBA expert would be familiar with you can gain the edge
  • Product quality can be a concern for those buying dropshipping products sight-unseen, and since you are highly removed from the physical goods you cannot effectively monitor quality. Working with an automated dropshipping management service often means that they have previously inspected the products and find them to be of acceptable quality
  • Branding is also a concern for some in the dropshipping industry, since there may be multiple sellers of a particular item, but a dropshipping management service may be able to help you brand your items more effectively, making them more trustworthy in the marketplace
  • The fulfillment timeline of many dropshipping services means you have little to no control over order changes or cancellations once it has been received by the supplier
  • In-house inventory management can be more accurate if you need up-to-the-minute counts of specific, fast-moving items, but with enough preventative measures and order confirmation processes in place, this can be avoided by any outsourced inventory management agent
  • Dropshipping limits your access to order fulfillment, which as a result, limits your abilities to run certain types of promotions or bundling offers, and even reduces the ability to grant free shipping


The vast majority of Amazon wholesale providers if you can find any, do not pack and prep your items. Most send your products directly to the seller. This means that the seller might have to be inspected, folded, polybagged and shipped in compliance with Amazon standards.


Many wholesale providers source their products from a variety of sources including, Alibaba. In a recent article by Techcrunch author (Liao, 2021), noted that Amazon has long standing policies regarding authenticity and that Amazon takes swift action against those that violate them.


When issues arise such as clients messages regarding products or notifications from Amazon, good luck getting these issues resolved in a timely manner.


Many Amazon Wholesale providers do not own their own warehouse. If the Amazon wholesale provider does not own their own warehouse, the Amazon seller is at the mercy of the additional third party. This can impact the quality of items on a sales manifest, the price/cost to obtain the items as well as increase the lead time to acquire the items.


Many online shoppers have grown to trust brand names and the marketing, quality, and reviews associated with them. Copies are often viewed as generic by the public.


The vast majority of pack and prep centers do not manage your Amazon store. The Amazon wholesale providers in many instances, do not ship to an Amazon Fulfillment Center, or ship to customers direct via FBM. Many of these Amazon Wholesale providers do not manage your store. Store management activities include uploading items, packing and prepping, repricing of items, listing optimization, reply to customer messages, assist with brand approvals, or add tracking numbers for each individual item shipped.

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