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While selling on Amazon isn’t exactly difficult to do, it can be incredibly challenging to do effectively. This is partially because Amazon is so massive that it can be hard to find your brand among the crowd, and partially because they now have highly sophisticated algorithms that determine product visibility and audience reach. 

This means that not only do you have to have a clear image of your target audience, but you also need to have a clear map of how your brand is going to reach and engage with that audience. This is what makes Amazon brand management so difficult in the long run.

One of the ways to mitigate the challenges inherent in this is to work with an Amazon brand management agency. There is a wide range of Amazon brand management companies out there, and while they may offer similar services, some will undoubtedly offer more than others.

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What Is Amazon Brand Management?

Amazon brand management is using a third-party company to help manage your brand’s image and presence on the Amazon platform. This is also sometimes known as strategic brand management, and they function to help sometimes struggling companies define, build, and develop their brand’s core identity.

The primary goal of Amazon brand management is to help your brand position itself in the best possible way to be a unique and effective solution for the problem or need that your audience has. Sometimes your brand will be the only one in a particular space, which makes effective brand management even more vital to your organization’s success and growth.

A good Amazon brand management company will be able to help you highlight the benefits or perceived value of your product over the nearest competitors. The most effective way they do this is by avoiding one-on-one comparisons with competitors, and will instead maintain a narrow focus on defining your brand as entirely unique and distinct from other competitors. This helps avoid forcing the buyer to focus on price as the sole line of differentiation.

In addition to having a great deal of influence over the front end of your store, your Amazon brand management company may also offer a wide range of other services and analytics of your store. These can hold very deep value for many store operators and having that data mined and collated for you is a commodity all its own that saves you from pouring over reports until your head is swimming with metrics.

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What Services Can Amazon Brand Management Companies Provide?

There is an incredibly wide range of potential services that an Amazon brand management firm can provide, and the services will also vary considerably between one company and another. This means that if you’re looking for a specific set of services, you may need to shop around for a while to find the content or service packages that you want most. Below are some of the most common services offered by Amazon brand management companies.

In-Depth Inventory Reporting

By keeping you fully apprised of all inventory actions and levels with detailed inventory reporting, your management company can help avoid common problems related to product stock. It can help prevent excess inventory and make sure that you aren’t charged certain high storage fees for long-term storage by making sure that your inventory is analyzed and managed based on criteria like age, current stock, and average selling volume.

Inventory Analysis, Recommendations, & Ordering

Based on the highly detailed inventory tracking and management, your brand management company can make highly-strategic recommendations about when particular ASINs should be reordered. If needed, many agencies can also arrange the shipment and take care of the order creation for you. This enables you to just forward the information to the appropriate supplier for the fulfillment, making things very hands-off.

Review Monitoring & Engagement Tracking

One of the biggest components of running a successful Amazon business is dealing with customer reviews and ratings. A good Amazon brand management company will track and actively monitor the reviews that are left for each owned ASIN. If the reviews are trending negative, your management agency should be able to create custom action plans to help mitigate the issue.

Regular Action Reports

A solid brand management company will be sure to think outside the box. While they will make recommendations regarding store performance and operations, there will often be situations where they will recommend other actions that may not be directly related to sales or marketing. This may be anything from supplemental ordering for holiday ramp-up, or anything else that they have been asked to observe and report on.

High-Level Sales Data

Amazon can generate some great reports, but many people find that they can quickly get lost in the flood of data. Working with an Amazon brand management company will ensure that you get regular, collated, easy-to-read sales reports of your Amazon account. This lets you get a high-level view of your overall business operations, along with important information about revenue changes, conversions, profit, and more.

Traffic & Conversion Stats

Just as important as sales stats are the stats regarding traffic and overall conversion. Sure, sales are great, but you should also know how many people are visiting your site and not buying your product, so you can try to figure out why. If they break the data down by ASIN, it makes it much easier to determine where the disconnect is. In some cases, there may even be an action recommendation to address one or more issues.

Regular PPC Performance Reports

An incredibly important component of your brand’s overall success is how well your pay-per-click advertising is performing. This reporting tells you the average cost of sale for each advertising campaign and allows you to target many keywords that may not be included in your listings and descriptions. Knowing your PPC data is crucial to saving marketing dollars and making them more effective. 

Advanced PPC Analysis & Strategizing

Once the PPC data has been aggregated and analyzed, it can reveal a large range of opportunities for your business. In many cases, you can look at your PPC data and know exactly why one of your ASINs suddenly became much more popular than the others. Keyword research can also lead to edging out competitors for better search results listings.

Profit Breakdowns & Recommendations

An important aspect of running your own business is making sure you’re staying profitable. Your brand management agency should be able to provide you with a high-level profitability breakdown by ASIN. This lets you drill down and see your product’s financials much more easily. It also can help you determine where to best invest in marketing ventures.

Per-Product Breakdowns of Profitability

Each ASIN that you have is a gold mine of data regarding trends, profitability, and more. Your brand management company should furnish you with these reports periodically, as well as any actions they recommend you take to improve performance.

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