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Amazon is arguably the most popular buying and selling platform currently in existence. While it is a highly-popular and potentially profitable marketplace to sell on, there are some nuances to pay close attention to or your store may just get lost in the endless search results. One of the ways to avoid getting stuck with unproductive listings in a stale and unprofitable store is to use an Amazon listing service.


Professional Amazon listing services can provide a long list of benefits to your business. Not only will all of your listings be handled, but they will also usually handle all of the needed paperwork for getting your products listed on the platform and getting traffic sent there. There is also a long list of Amazon product listing services that generally come along with using a professional listing, such as amazon product uploads and data entry in bulk, product uploads, creating and updating the product, product image editing, and creating informative and engaging copy that leads to sales. 

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What Are Amazon Listing Services?

One of the most basic elements of any product on Amazon, the product listing, is also one of the most crucial. The product listing is the seller’s one chance to sway a customer with a beautifully written and informative listing that checks all the right SEO (search engine optimization) boxes. Knowing that the listing needs to impress the search engine, as well as the customer, getting the listing right is vital to any product’s success. 

Amazon listing services are individuals, firms, or large companies that provide appealing and high-ranking listings for your products. Investing in an Amazon listing service is one of the most valuable and important investments that you can make in an e-commerce business that’s still in its early growth stages. Not only do you want listings that will appeal to customers and create sales, but you want a listing that will be a popular search result and will get in front of more potential buyers, and an Amazon listing service can be the key to reaching that goal.

Our Role

What Does An Amazon Listing Service Provider Do?

There are countless things that an Amazon listing service provider will keep in mind when writing your listings. While this list is nowhere near exhaustive, it does illustrate the most common things that your Amazon listing service will be able to do for you.

  • Write and format unique, engaging, and enticing product descriptions and titles that will attract customers and be seen as optimal content by search engines
  • Add or edit images in alignment with Amazon’s image requirements and standards, to boost the attractiveness of the listing
  • Sort or classify various products offered and categorize them as appropriate, so they appear in proper subcategories for those browsing
  • Managing inventory to ensure there are no failures due to supply issues or other problems
  • Create, manage, and promote things like discounts and coupons
  • Create, manage, and promote rewards points or other loyalty programs if desired
  • Managing basic product information like UPC, SKU/ASIN, brand, and manufacturer
  • Adding detail and specificity to listings with additional information like weight, parts list, color, shape, and more
  • Help you obtain additional information such as ISBN, UPC, or even EANs from the necessary parties
  • Upload bulk product lists to make sure that your large inventory can be listed quickly
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Our Process

Our Proven 3 Step Success Formula


Purchase Wholesale Merchandise

We buy millions of dollars of high quality big-brand name merchandise directly from manufactures and big box retailers. We pass on an amazing (wholesale price) to you. We own our warehouse and fulfill your manifest in blazing speed. We carry many big brand names that the vast majority of sellers struggle to acquire.


We Ship to Amazon and Manage Your Store

We Move Fast! As your order is being fulfilled at the warehouse, the upload team is optimizing your listings simultaneously.

1) We inspect, pack, prep, polybag, fold and ship to Amazon.
2) We upload each individual item.
3) We optimize each listing.

We Do the Heavy Lifting!


Amazon Ships to Customer and You Get Paid

When a customer makes an order on Amazon from your store via Amazon FBA, the item is delivered to the customer. Amazon professional sellers generally get paid by Amazon every two weeks. Each payment includes 14 days of orders that were successfully delivered seven days ago.

Limited Monthly Spots Available

Amazon Junkies core features

Benefits Of Amazon Listing Services

Depending on what your organization focuses on and what you consider benefits, there are many more that you may experience, than the following:

  • Using data from multiple sources to create Amazon listings, no matter where it’s stored
  • Automatic handling of bulk uploads
  • Employee NDAs to help protect your confidentiality
  • Simple update process via phone, email, or direct messaging
  • A fully automated listing creation process takes a lot of work off of your plate
  • SEO-rich listing content
  • More sales
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Better product ranking
  • More enthusiastic reviews

Wholesale Pricing & Restricted Brands

Less competition and better margins for popular products people are searching for. Rather than selling all the same brands that everyone else is, we take a different approach. At Smart FBA, we get our clients access to sell major special unrestricted brands as well as restricted brand names. You need approval to sell many major brand names on Amazon. This results in substantially less competition and generally better profit margins.

Risk Mitigation

We do not dropship using Walmart as a supplier, because this is a violation of Amazon Dropshipping Policy and is considered a violation due to retail arbitrage. Many Amazon automation providers rely solely on Walmart and put their clients through major risk of account deactivation. The Amazon FBA Business generally produces much better performance metrics such as Order Defective Rates (ODR) and Tracking Rates and Customer Feedback.

100% FBA

It's quite known across the industry that an Amazon FBA Business is generally a much better alternative to drop shipping on Amazon. In an Amazon FBA Business, everything is sent over to the Amazon Warehouse and sent by Amazon, directly to the customer. Amazon FBA generally provides better results in terms of better shipment tracking, improved customer delivery times and provides higher customer feedback ratings.

Monthly Reporting

Our results include an inventory report, sales report, cumulation report, and we even track your profit by brand. We are transparent with our clients and want them to know how much they're profiting. Once your sales manifest is complete, it is used to in conjunction to help generate the other reports. Once completed, these reports provide valuable insight into your Amazon store's performance.

Amazon FBA Wholesale Supplier

Limited Monthly Spots Available


Entry Package for Clients looking to grow a new Amazon FBA Store
$ 10,000
  • Wholesale Pricing
  • $5,000 Annual Renewal
  • Online Support Access
  • Profit Sharing 50/50 (You/Us)


Mid-Tier bundle for those wanting to scale their stores sizeably
$ 25,000
  • Wholesale Pricing
  • $5,000 Annual Renewal
  • 3 Restricted Brand Approvals
  • Profit Sharing 70/30 (You/Us)


All in bundle for those looking to take their stores to the top
$ 40,000
  • Wholesale Pricing
  • $2,500 Annual Renewal
  • 10 Restricted Brand Approvals
  • Profit Sharing 85/15 (You/Us)
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How To Know If You Need An Amazon Listing Service

Once you’ve done enough research on Amazon product listing services, you start to wonder if you may need one. You’ve done everything you can think of to create functional and attractive product listings, and while you’re capturing sales, you feel like there’s more you could be doing. If you’ve been wondering what some of the signs are that you need professional Amazon listing service provider help, here are five good indicators:

  1. You aren’t capturing the sales volume you’re forecasting

You should constantly be looking at your overall sales volume, as well as upcoming forecasts. This shows you not only what is selling and what isn’t, but it will also give you indications of your marketing effectiveness. If you see that your sales have flattened, you may be losing SEO traction. Having your listings re-optimized occasionally can help keep up with keyword changes.

  1. Your traffic has plateaued or is declining

If the traffic to your product is declining, or you just aren’t seeing the growth you want, it could be a sign that your listings are losing effectiveness or relevance. Make sure your listings have the right keywords used in the right densities. If you haven’t changed your listings in a while, they may simply be out of touch with the recent Amazon algorithms. An effective Amazon listing service can help you keep your listings regularly updated so you don’t lose any sales. Updates may need to be made frequently.

  1. You’re experiencing low conversion rates

Your conversion rate is important since it shows the likelihood that a visitor is going to purchase your product. It is the percentage of visitors to your site that end up becoming a sale. If you are seeing your conversion rate go down, there may be several reasons why. Your product pictures can be sub-par, your value proposition isn’t clear enough, your price is too high, or you might have poor reviews.

Since you’re selling online, you need to have top-tier pictures, if you don’t, then you need an Amazon listing service. The Amazon algorithm takes customer reviews into account when assigning search rankings. Showing customers that you read the negative reviews and care enough to address them can be the thing that captures your next sale.

  1. Your keyword focus isn’t specific enough

When a listing is optimized, the primary goal is to boost the ranking with the search engine. This means that if you aren’t seeing the sales you want or even the traffic that you want, you need to examine how your listing is optimized. In some cases, you may even have the right keywords, but the listing execution was lacking. Your listing service provider will use numerous keyword analytics tools to make sure your content is solid.

  1. You lack the time to optimize all your listings yourself

As we’ve mentioned, keeping your listings updated is not a one-time activity, and for those with serious Amazon businesses, keeping listings updated can be an incredibly challenging task without leveraging help. Working with one of the best Amazon listing services will free up your time, and keep your listings current.

If you’ve noticed that your business is displaying some of the indicators showing that it may be time for an Amazon listing service, reach out to The Amazon Junkies to discuss your needs. We offer leading strategies to get you the results you want, quickly.

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