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Can You Sell Digital Products on Amazon?

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Can You Sell Digital Products on Amazon

Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform on the planet, with billions of transactions going through them daily. However, while most people will think about needing to buy something and Amazon will be high on the list of instant options, those same people aren’t likely to associate Amazon with the purchase of digital products. The reality couldn’t be farther from the truth. We’re going to look at selling digital products on Amazon, what it entails, and how you can get involved.

Can You Sell Digital Products On Amazon?

Amazon sellers have access not only to a global market but to the aggregated sales and shopping data of millions of people worldwide. This also applies to digital goods and products, not just physical goods, and brings with it the perks of instant access without shipping expenses. 

There are also some incredibly big benefits to selling digital products on Amazon. Here are some of the most common benefits that sellers see from incorporating digital products:

  • Speed: Unlike other businesses that deal in physical goods, digital goods can generally be transmitted over the internet, leading to a nearly instant startup.
  • Low initial investment: In most cases, starting an Amazon store that deals in digital products won’t require a significant monetary investment initially. Digital products don’t require warehousing, supply chain or logistics, inventory tracking, or many employees.
  • Higher margins: Since digital products are essentially infinitely scalable, there is no cost to production and one piece of art can be sold countless times, making the profit margin per piece much higher than shipping physical prints or other items. 
  • Easy automation: Selling digital products on Amazon can easily become passive income since the art will often need little intervention once uploaded and made available through the listing. This makes it truly passive once it has been initially set up.
  • Planetary reach: You can put your content in front of people all over the globe that are searching for their next purchase on Amazon, allowing creators to leverage an audience that’s already engaged in seeking out their products. 

How To Sell Digital Products On Amazon

Selling digital products on Amazon can be accomplished in three steps or less, assuming you already have an Amazon seller account created. 

First, you need to research your idea and see how similar ideas are applied. Do some keyword research and see what the pictures and listings tell you.

Then, create the art or digital asset that you will need. This can take some tweaking, so don’t be frustrated if you don’t get it on the first try.

Finally, once your digital product is created and ready for distribution, you’ll need to upload it. Your upload will also need an engaging listing to draw in customers. All that’s left from here is to promote your listings if you desire.

What Types Of Digital Goods Can I Sell On Amazon

If you are wondering what types of digital products you can sell on Amazon, and how to get them out there, Amazon makes it simple with Amazon Digital Services, which handles all of the digital product delivery. Some of the best-selling products on Amazon are digital products. Here are some of the biggest categories for digital downloads and products.

  • Ebooks
  • Digital Art
  • Music
  • Software & Apps
  • Digital Courses & Learning 

Let The Amazon Junkies Handle Your Amazon Digital Products

If getting your digital products up on the Amazon platform and ready for listing and sale sounds like a lot of work on your end, you could always partner with a resource like The Amazon Junkies, and let them manage large portions of your Amazon shop, while you reap the benefits. Reach out for more information on how The Amazon Junkies can help get your business off the ground.

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