Amazon Junkies

Frequently Asked Questions

Each client will need a line of credit in order to supply their Amazon FBA Business. Our team suggests having a minimum of $15k to $25k for the first three months, and $5k+ the following months prior to ramping up to the 4th quarter. This will help our team scale the store, so each client can maximize potential selling opportunities. It’s a simple equation, if you do not have it, you cannot sell it. In an Amazon FBA Business, you need a consistent supply of inventory.

We have access via the warehouse to over 100+ well-known brands names with millions of products to list in our client’s stores. We do not believe running out of products for your Amazon FBA Business will ever be an issue. The warehouse has over $50 million dollars in inventory and inventory is shipped out consistently via Amazon FBA to our clients’ stores. We order directly from Big Box Retailers on a weekly basis.

We do not offer payment plans; however, we do have funding options available for clients that qualify. Generally this depends on credit score and credit card utilization. Feel free to fill out the form below to see if you qualify.

Each account is usually up and running within one month of payment. Once your business entity is created, our live, real time customer service team will expedite your setup. Once your contract has been signed and payment has been received, you will be connected to several members of our team via Facebook. Remember you need to purchase inventory as soon as possible due to lead times.

We charge a profit split based on your selected plan shown below. Our sister company, Smart Wholesale will invoice you monthly in the amount of $150 dollars or based on your profit split percentage whichever is greater for packing and prepping dues. Smart FBA clients will receive annual renewals based on their selected plan. Additionally, there will be tools we recommend such as Tax Jar and a repricer. Other fees are billed via Amazon for running an Amazon FBA Business.

No, we do not. Since we do full FBA, all products are sent from our warehouse to Amazon’s fulfillment centers once they are packaged and prepared.

Since late 2019, we have been establishing relationships with some of the largest vendors in the USA. We use the buying power from our clients to get truckloads of products into our warehouse each week. With 250+ existing clients (as of May 2022), we’ve been able to get a consistent supply of products.

We prefer the wholesale model specifically for automation as there are a lot more variables we can control. With private label there is a high variance between stores. Some products will sell well and others will take up a high ad spend to scale. With wholesale, we use the organic listings from Amazon so no ad budget is needed. [Watch The Below Video For More Information Regarding Private Label Vs Wholesale]

We believe the fundamental successor behind a business is the people behind the operation and the core values of the business. Running an operation of nearly 40 staff members (online and offline) takes a substantial level of commitment to your team. With staff appreciation day each month, career advancement opportunities and performance bonuses, our staff are motivated to continually grow and help expand our vision for our clients. We’ve continually been able to execute our vision and have some large plans in store for the coming years.

We don’t recommend opening up more than 1 store as it poses risks since Amazon only allows 1 account per seller (unless you contact them directly). If you would like to open up more than one account, we suggest doing so under a separate name, address and entity.