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How Amazon Automation Works

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Amazon automation sounds incredibly complex and even dangerous to many people upon first hearing the phrase. However, understanding how Amazon automation works, as well as how an Amazon automated store works, can clear up a lot of the confusion about the concept. Does it really mean automating tasks and various aspects of your Amazon business, or does it just mean hiring someone else to do all the business-building for you? Well, depending on the circumstance, it can actually mean both. We’re going to dig into just what it means, and what it could mean for you.

How Does Amazon Automation Work?

Amazon automation means different things depending on the context, and who you may be discussing it with. To some people, it can mean hiring an agency or firm to build and run your Amazon store for you. To others, it just means automating some tasks within an existing or established Amazon business. Despite what some naysayers would have you think, not all Amazon automation is a scam.

What Is An Amazon Automation Agency?

The image most people have of someone offering Amazon automation is some talking head on a YouTube ad that is telling you that for just $10k you can take an exclusive 3-day automation boot camp that will make you 6 figures that year. They are trying to sell you on a dream of easy money with no work or thought. This is common, but it isn’t what we’re talking about. 

The biggest claims often made by Amazon automation agencies include:

  • Finding high-demand and low-competition products to sell
  • Finding and negotiating with shippers
  • Handle getting the inventory from the supplier to Amazon
  • Getting your Amazon seller account set up
  • Create and optimize your Amazon product listings
  • Create and manage PPC advertising
  • Run the entire business for you
  • Split the profits with you

While making all of these claims is relatively common, few firms will be able to deliver on all of these. You will need to be confident in the firm you work with to not only set up and grow the business properly but also to run and maintain it on a daily basis. Sometimes you end up with someone that violates terms of use or other regulations, and either uses black-hat ranking techniques, or dropships from other companies, which can cost you your Amazon account.

Automating Amazon Tasks

Amazon automation frequently means automating specific, often mundane, tasks that boost productivity and efficiency. In some cases, automation can even be used to improve sales performance or just to free up more time for other things. Many of the common automation goals center around learning high-level methods for growing the business, rather than wasting time on mundane administrative tasks.

There are indications that nearly three-quarters of businesses selling on Amazon are leveraging automation for a significant portion of their business. This is done by using the Fulfilled By Amazon or FBA framework. When sellers incorporate Amazon’s fulfillment services, it relieves them of the entire fulfillment process and associated hassle. This includes packing, shipping, returns, and more. In many cases, growing businesses can do just fine without automation, but there are many Amazon sellers, new and old, that are automating order fulfillment with Amazon automation, seeing the fees as worth it. 

Trust Amazon Junkies With Your New Automated Enterprise

If you want to learn more about how you can leverage Amazon automation for the benefit of your business, the first thing you should do is reach out to a professional to discuss your needs. The Amazon Junkies are leaders in Amazon automation and will ensure that your 100% FBA business gets the attention it deserves.

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