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How to Make Passive Income on Amazon

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How to Make Passive Income on Amazon

One of the biggest side hustles today is setting up a store to make passive income on Amazon. While this sounds like the average too-good-to-be-true concept that would be shouted at you from a YouTube ad, there are legitimate operations that let you earn money 24 hours a day, every day. 

To be clear, there are absolutely scam artists out there that try to leverage people’s desire to learn how to make passive income on Amazon to sell bogus products to simply con them out of money. In most cases, these are fly-by-night operations that have no actual experience with selling on Amazon. We’re going to cover how you can make money on Amazon with only a basic level of investment. 

How To Make Passive Income With Amazon

There are a few primary ways to make money with only a minimum amount of effort by leveraging Amazon. One of the most popular ways is by using the Fulfilled By Amazon, or FBA, framework. There are two main ways to do this, one is by retail or clearance arbitrage, and the other is through importing or selling privately labeled products. Another common method is using affiliate marketing, and while that involves some more effort, in the beginning, it can yield steady income without having to directly sell a product. Let’s take a look at all three.

Affiliate Marketing

For a long time, affiliate marketing has been the most popular way to earn passive income on Amazon. The basic process is fairly simple, you just sign up with Amazon as an affiliate, and you are given the ability to create special referral links to any product you can find on the platform. When anyone clicks on your affiliate link, you are paid a percentage of the total value of anything they purchase while using that link, without any increase in cost to them.

One way this is commonly used to create significant amounts of passive income is to create a blog and leverage your affiliate marketing links in your blog posts, product reviews, and more on your personal site. This way, not only are you generating traffic to your site, but that traffic is clicking links that pay you. Another common way to use these links is to find social media posts and viral posts about Amazon products, and drop your link in the comments for people asking where to find the item.


This FBA model relies on finding merchandise at wholesale prices or otherwise undervalued and simply flipping it on Amazon for a tidy profit. This can be just about anything from baby toys to some electronics or appliances. To get started with this, you apply for an Amazon seller account and download their seller app.

The seller app will scan UPCs, and will help you determine potential profit. Then you can decide whether you want to buy it and flip it or keep looking. 

Importing Or Private Labeling

Importing and private labeling products is a great way to get a low-effort side hustle going, but it does require significantly more capital than other methods. With this, you can benefit from FBA firms that have already researched products and profits, and simply have them set up a turn-key FBA shop. This way you simply take over a smoothly-running and profitable shop, that was researched and set up by experts, who you can choose to continue managing your shop for a profit share.

The Amazon Junkies Can Build You A Turn-Key Amazon Operation

No matter what level of investment you’re looking for, The Amazon Junkies can help you find the Amazon solution you need to help you build a passive income on Amazon. Reach out today for more information, and questions, or if you want to get started with a lucrative side hustle.

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