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How to Sell Audible Books on Amazon

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Whether you’re an author or a publisher, putting out audiobook content on Audible is an incredibly effective way to reach a much wider audience than otherwise. If you’re wondering how to sell Audible books on Amazon, we’re going to get into all the pertinent details. 

We’ll look at how to publish your books, how to link them to your seller account, and how to price your book effectively and subsequently promote it. In the end, we’ll also look at a team that can do all of that for you, so you can focus on creating more content to publish.

How To Sell Audible Books On Amazon

Publishing Your Book On Audible

Before you can sell anything, you’ve got to publish it and to sell an audiobook on Amazon, it needs to be published on Audible. Audible is an Amazon subsidiary that is responsible for audiobook distribution services to both authors and publishers. 

To publish your book on Audible, navigate to the ACX website and create an account. Once you’ve got an account on ACX you’ll be able to upload your audiobook and provide some basic information about your audiobooks, such as title, description, and narrator. 

Linking Your New Book To Your Seller Account

After your book has been published on Audible, you’ll need to link it to your Amazon seller account to make sure you are credited and paid properly. To link your new book to your seller account, click the “inventory” tab on your seller account, and click “add a product”. From there choose “Audible audiobook” and provide the ISBN or ASIN for your audiobook. Once that’s done, Amazon should link your seller account and the audiobook. 

Pricing Your Audiobook

One of the most critical steps in publishing and selling a new Audiobook is to price it effectively. If a book is priced too high, shoppers may fail to see the value in it, but if it is priced too low, it may also bring about a similar suspicion. Amazon offers several pricing options, including a fixed price and royalty share. If you choose a royalty share, you’ll receive a percentage of the revenue from all future sales of your audiobook.

Promoting Your New Audiobook

To give your audiobook the best chance of maximizing sales on the platform, you should attempt to promote your book at every opportunity. Amazon itself offers several options to advertise your newly-published book, including sponsored products and brands. Additionally, using the email subscribers to your blog or promotion on vast social media networks can have a dramatic effect on sales of your book

Marketing is the one step that you should never stop. Particularly if you are interested in publishing to create residual income streams. You should always be promoting your older works to your newer readers who may not be aware of them. This consistently builds your reader base and increases the potential for new sales over time.

The Amazon Junkies Can Help You Sell Audible Books On Amazon

For new authors and old, as well as content publishers, selling your works on Amazon is one of the best ways to widen your audience reach and boost sales. By following these simple steps you stand the best chance at being able to publish your audiobook on Audible and begin earning sales on Amazon for a long time to come. While selling on Amazon can be complicated, The Amazon Junkies make it seem easy. Reach out today to find out how we can help you improve your Amazon sales.

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