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How to Sell Journals on Amazon Using Canva 

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How to Sell Journals on Amazon Using Canva

There are a million uses for a journal, and learning how to create and sell journals on Amazon can be a lucrative opportunity. Additionally, one of the most popular platforms for creating images and graphics is Canva, which is ideal for Amazon’s merch on-demand feature since it’s free. We’re going to cover how to sell journals on Amazon using Canva, and how to get those journals in front of your audience. In the end, if you still have some questions or need more information about how to implement this in your store, we’ll show you a trusted resource that has years of experience.

Set Up Your Amazon Seller Account

Before you’re able to sell anything on Amazon, you’ll need to have a seller account created and ready. There are different levels of accounts to choose from, including individual or professional. While this may not matter much initially for those just getting started, the best account to have will eventually depend on the volume of journals that you plan to sell. Once your account has been created, you can begin creating listings for your journals whenever you’re ready.

Creating Your Journal On Canva

To create a journal on Canva, you’ll need to start by either selecting a template or creating a custom design yourself. Canva has a significant variety of templates that you can customize even further with your text and images. After you’ve finalized a design, you’ll be able to save it as a PDF, which is the format that Amazon will require.

Listing Your Journals

A major step in learning how to sell journals on Amazon using Canva is getting your listings up. This is done by navigating to the “add a product” page and entering the details of the journal. This is going to include your SEO title, description, images, and the selling price. When creating these, it’s important to have your keywords in as frequently as possible to ensure you rank higher in search results for people more likely to buy something.

Choose A Fulfillment Option

Once you have a listing nearly complete, you will need to tell Amazon how orders for the item are going to be fulfilled. There are two options here, either fulfilled by the merchant (you) or fulfilled by Amazon (FBA). While there will always be people that prefer fulfillment by the merchant, the FBA option is incredibly easy and ideal for beginners. 

Fulfillment by merchant means you’ll need to have your physical inventory printed with your new design, and you’ll need to warehouse that inventory until someone wants to buy it. FBA lets Amazon handle all that this means you can focus more on your business and building your product offerings, than on order fulfillment. 

Promotion Of Your Journals

The last step, and arguably one of the most challenging, is to get your brand out there to your potential audience. If your potential audience has a social media presence, it may make more sense to promote your listings in the social media space for that niche. You can also choose to promote your listings with PPC-sponsored listings, as well as sponsored brands. 

In The End

In the end, knowing how to sell journals on Amazon using Canva is so simple that it seems silly not to add it to any Amazon store that gets traffic. Now only that, but understanding how to create and sell journals on amazon can create a significant income stream that you can almost put on auto-pilot. Reach out to Amazon Junkies today for more information about how to streamline and improve your Amazon store.

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