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How to Sell Paintings on Amazon 

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When you think of Amazon, you often think about buying clothes, tech items, and anything you could ever want for the kitchen, but few people think of home decor and things like paintings. However, it can be incredibly profitable to learn how to sell paintings on Amazon. We’re going to take a look at just how to sell paintings online on Amazon, and what you need to know to get started. In the end, we’ll talk about who might be able to help you reach your sales goals.

How To Sell Paintings On Amazon

While it might seem challenging to sell paintings on Amazon, it can be broken down into a relatively simple process that only has a few steps. Let’s take a look.

Set Up Your Amazon Seller Account

The first thing you’ll need to do before learning how to sell paintings on Amazon is to set up your Amazon seller account. This is a fairly quick and easy process that needs a few pieces of basic information about you and your business.

Navigate to the Amazon Seller Central website and find the “register now” button. Click that to get started, and you’ll be asked for some information about you and your business, like name, bank account information for deposits, and tax information. Following that you’ll be asked to indicate that you agree to the terms of service for the Amazon platform.

Listing Your Paintings

Once you’ve got your seller account all set up, you’ll be ready to create your first product listing. Listing creation is a crucial step in learning how to sell paintings online on Amazon. Your listings will need to be informative, descriptive, enticing, and engaging, but most of all they’ll need to be SEO optimized to make sure you are showing up in the search results that you want to show up in.

To create a listing for your painting, head to the Inventory tab, and select “add a product”. This will bring you to the add a product page, where you’ll need to give a little bit more detail about your painting. Here’s where you’ll need to enter your listing title, description, images, and price. Offering free shipping or using FBA will often make your listing more attractive than other comparable listings. 

Choosing The Right Category

Another important step in knowing how to sell paintings on Amazon is knowing which category is going to be optimal. There are several different categories of art on the Amazon platform, including original paintings, prints, and photographs. Make sure you choose the appropriate category for your product so that it reaches its audience by appearing in relevant search results. 

Promotion Is Important To Ongoing Success

Now that your listings are created and your paintings are posted, the next step in your operations is going to be the one that goes on the longest: promotion. You’ll need to promote your paintings for sale, otherwise, you’re relying solely on traffic from search results, which isn’t going to cut it long-term. You’ll need to post your listings in painting interest groups and other locations with people that are likely to buy your products. Promotion through social media can also be an incredibly important tool for building listing traffic and boosting sales. 

The Amazon Junkies Can Help You Streamline Your Amazon Store

While it might seem that getting your painting listed on Amazon is easy, it is, there is a lot more to creating a profitable and streamlined Amazon store. For more information on how The Amazon Junkies can help your store to define its brand and build its audience, reach out.

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