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How to Sell Your Book on Amazon

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How to Sell Your Book on Amazon

Whether you’re a writer or just someone cleaning out an old shelf, many people ask “how do you sell your books on Amazon?” The process itself isn’t that complicated, though getting consistent sales can take some work and a little investment. 

We’re going to dive into how to get Amazon to sell your book if you’re a writer, as well as how to unload your extra books on Amazon to make some extra money or start a rare book side hustle. Assuming you already have a seller account, here’s what you need to know about how to sell your books on Amazon.

How To Sell Your Book On Amazon – Step By Step

Countless people are using the KDP, or Kindle Self-Publishing framework to create informative written content they can sell, and self-publishing lets the author keep more of the proceeds from sales. Here’s how to get your book into the Amazon Kindle store.

Make Your Book

This is obviously the first step. If you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to write your book. There are countless sites online where you can create a book layout and self-publish it to a PDF file. This is often the most labor-intensive step if you haven’t already got a book laying around waiting to be published. 

List Your Book

While writing your book is arguably the hardest step, the most important is probably creating your book’s listing. Navigate to your seller’s dashboard, click “Sell My Book”, and begin creating the listing. The listing will need to be engaging, as well as optimized for search engines. 

Price Your Book

Now it’s time to decide on a price point. You’ll need to set a price on the Sell & Distribute tab when you create your listing. Make sure you check the profit settings so you can understand the payment process. 

Promote & Advertise

One of the longest steps is going to be your promotion and marketing efforts, which will often be ongoing to some extent. You’ll want to use paid ads as well as promotions on social media to promote your book and drive traffic. 

Selling Your Old Books

If you are interested in selling your old books on Amazon or starting a book-flipping side hustle, knowing how to sell those books is going to be integral.

Become Verified

Depending on your seller activities, you may not be able to sell books right away, but once you are a verified Amazon seller you can begin to sell your books. In some cases, verification can take as little as a single sale on your seller account.

Find The Book

The first step is going to be looking up the book you want to sell, and clicking the “Sell This Book” button. Amazon will immediately let you know if you’re permitted to sell that book or not. If you are, you will be presented with a listing screen you will need to fill out.

Create Listings

For each book you’re selling, you’ll need to create a listing on Amazon using the ISBN or other identifying codes for the work. In many situations, you won’t need to create a listing because the book will be common or popular and someone will have already created the listing. 

Choose Fulfillment Method

This is important and can make or break your venture. You need to choose fulfillment by Amazon or by the merchant. If Amazon does it, you just ship them the books and they handle the rest, but they take a bigger fee. If you fulfill the orders, it’s more hassle, but you keep more of your money.

Leave Your Amazon Store Management To The Pros

If setting all of this up yourself sounds complicated, keep in mind that you can always partner with a firm like The Amazon Junkies to manage the operations of your Amazon store. For more information about how you can simplify your eCommerce ventures, contact The Amazon Junkies today.

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