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Is Amazon FBA a Good Side Hustle?

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Is Amazon FBA a Good Side Hustle?

The e-commerce revolution is still gaining steam, and for those who think they may have missed the boat, there’s still plenty of money to be made. Not only that but there is plenty of money to be made without a huge investment of time, thanks to a lot of the Amazon automation that can be done for those getting into dropshipping and FBA. 

Amazon is a massive opportunity for those who still want to get in on the e-commerce boom. For example, in 2020 they brought in more than $380 billion in revenue, and more than 50% of that was from third-party sellers and their stores. Tons of people are wondering not only how they can get in on the Amazon action, but how they can make it a side hustle that doesn’t need them for 8 hours a day.

We’re going to take a good look at whether or not Amazon FBA is even suitable for a side hustle, as well as why or why not. Then, we’ll cover some of the leading Amazon side hustles, both FBA and otherwise.

Is Amazon FBA A Good Side Hustle?

Amazon FBA is actually an incredibly good side hustle, and once you have a store set up and running smoothly, there is relatively little you need to do with regard to maintenance in order to keep that store profitable. One of the biggest benefits to Amazon FBA is that you don’t have to worry about manually accepting, packing, and shipping items from inventory that you own and have warehoused somewhere, then dealing with returns and exchanges on top of that. This frees you up for things like marketing, and more importantly, expansion and growth.

Top Amazon Side Hustle Tactics

Private Label Products

This is the peak of Amazon FBA. Your customers have your products with your logos delivered to them, by Amazon, which also manages returns. The private label puts your own label and hopefully unique design on existing products that Amazon gets to your buyer in two days. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is simple and it’s a time-tested way to build passive income by dropping affiliate links that earn you commissions. These links are specially-formatted links to anything that can be bought on Amazon. When someone clicks one of these links and subsequently buys something from Amazon, the affiliate marketer who posted the link gets a small percentage of the sales. 

Popularly, these links are put in prolific blog content that generates lots of organic traffic, as well as viral social comment threads. While these links can require a significant amount of time and effort to publish and get out to the public initially, they can generate income for a long time afterward.

Self-Publishing Via Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP is their Kindle Direct Publishing arm, which lets just about anyone, publish just about anything directly to ebook format on the Kindle platform. Not only are they published on the e-book platform, but they can be ordered in hard copy as well. Topical writers who produce prolific content can see this side hustle create main hustle money.

Trust The Experts In The Amazon FBA Space

If you want to break into the Amazon FBA space, all it takes is a bit of capital and some goals for growth. By working with a leading FBA firm like The Amazon Junkies you can benefit from turn-key Amazon FBA stores whose products have been expertly researched and whose operations have been made smooth and profitable. Reach out today to discuss your business or hustle goals, and we’ll make a plan for how we’ll meet those goals. 

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