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Why Do I Need Approval to Sell on Amazon?

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Why Do I Need Approval to Sell on Amazon?

For those looking to get into selling products on Amazon, the revelation that Amazon FBA requires approval can be a daunting one. While you might think that you can simply jump in and start selling anything you like on Amazon, this just isn’t the case, and in many cases, the items you want to sell may require approval from Amazon. Because you need approval to sell on Amazon under certain conditions, this can dissuade many people from even trying, but it’s not the end of the world. 

We’re going to take a look at why exactly an approval process even exists, and what it requires of the seller. We’ll also take a look at how to get approved to sell items on Amazon if you need to jump that hurdle. Here’s everything you need to know about needing approval to sell on Amazon.

Why Do I Need Approval To Sell On Amazon?

Tons of new sellers on Amazon find out that you need to get approved to sell certain items on Amazon, but only after they’ve set up a significant portion of their business. Now they might be stuck wondering how they can get approval so they can finally get up and running. 

The challenge is being educated about what categories are locked down, and which are open to new sellers without approval, before your business hinges on a product that you may need approval for. There are a lot of restricted categories, but it’s nothing that an experienced Amazon FBA firm can’t easily overcome when creating a new store.

So, the approval is needed to get past the gate for some categories, but why were they gated in the first place? Well, generally it’s because they are very high-demand categories or categories that are at high risk of counterfeiting. Things like fake jewelry or watches, electronics, and more. Essentially, Amazon wants to lower any potential risk to them by making sure you are a legitimate and competent seller. 

How To Get Approval To Sell On Amazon

There are a few ways to get approval to sell on Amazon in restricted categories. The first type is perhaps the most mysterious and happens seemingly at random. This is the “automatic approval” where you encounter a gated category, and your request for approval will happen automatically and instantly. This will likely depend on the seller metrics that Amazon tracks on the backend. 

Otherwise, you’ll need to go through the standard process to request approval. This involves logging into your Seller Central account, and doing the following:

  1. Clicking Add a Product
  2. Searching for the item you want to sell, knowing it’s in a gated category
  3. In the results, click Listing Limitations Apply
  4. Click Request Approval

The approval processes and lengths will vary depending on the type of restricted category you apply for. You will then be given a (hopefully short) list of things that Amazon will need to consider for your approval. In some cases, this may simply be copies of supplier invoices for your merchandise, for other things it may mean supplying FDA documentation.

Let The Experts Handle The Approvals

If you want to get into the Amazon FBA game, but don’t want to waste money and time chasing approvals, or even merchandise requiring approvals, then come to the experts at The Amazon Junkies. We can help you create an Amazon FBA operation that glides right through the approval process, get your store up and running, and generate a profit, much more quickly than going at it solo. Reach out to discuss your goals, and we’ll tell you how we can help you reach them.

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